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    Aromatic glycols

    Aromatic glycols


    Chemical Composition: Hydroxyethylated resorcinol (mixture)



    Property Value
    Appearance Colorless to pale yellow clear liquid
    Total benzene ether diols(GC), % ≥98.0
    Hydroxyl value, mgKOH/g 460±15
    Water content, % ≤0.1
    Viscosity(50℃), mPa·s 120±20
    Density(25℃), g/mL approx. 1.19
    Solubility Soluble in most organic solvent, partly soluble in water

    XYlink HER-L is an aromatic diol used as chain extender of polyurethanes. It is a phenylether glycol mixture with 3-hydroxyethoxy-1-hydroxyethylbenzendiether as the main component. It is a homologue of the chain extender HER and could be looked as a liquid version of HER. It is suggested to be warmed above 25℃ to get easy operability, especially in winter. This product is applicable to medium hardness of elastomeric polyurethane products.
    Compared with solid HER, HER-L is easy to use, and the polyurethane elastomer has higher elongation, flexural characteristics. The polyurethane elastomers based on HER-L has good mechanical property and heat resistance than those based on aliphatic diol such as 1,4-butanediol.
    XYlink HER-L is suitable for both TDI and MDI polyurethane systems and can be widely used in polyurethane elastomer (casting, thermoplastic and millable type), sealing materials, polyurethane adhesives, coatings, foams, Spandex, sports venues pavement materials and other fields.

    20kg net weight in galvanized iron drum.

    This product should be stored in a ventilated and dry place. Keep the container well sealed after using and fill neutral gas (such as nitrogen etc) to prevent moisture.
    The quality guarantee period is 24 months. Even though the products exceed the expiration date, it could also be used if it is qualified by testing.