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    Aromatic glycols

    Aromatic glycols


    Chemical Name: Hydroquinone bis(beta-hydroxyethyl) ether

    Molecular Formula: C10H14O4

    Molecular Weight: 198.20

    CAS No.: 104-38-1



    Property Value
    Appearance Off white powder or granule
    Purity(GC), % ≥99.0
    Hydroxyl value, mgKOH/g 555±5
    Melting point, ℃ ≥102
    Water content, % ≤0.1
    Density (110℃,melt liquid), g/cm3 approx. 1.15
    Viscosity (110℃,melt liquid), mPa·s approx. 15
    Solubility Soluble in acetone, ethanol, DMF, etc. Slightly soluble in water

    XYlink HQEE is a solid aromatic diol chain extender with symmetrical molecular structure. It is recommended applied with MDI-prepolymer. HQEE/MDI system has longer pot-life than MOCA/TDI and MOCA/MDI systems. HQEE-based polyurethane elastomer has higher tensile strength, tear strength, heat resistance, compression set, hardness and resilience than that chain-extended with aliphatic diol.
    XYlink HQEE can be used in casting polyurethane elastomer systems where the superior performance is required. The application includes oil well seals, forklift tires, seals for hydraulic cylinders, conveyor belt, etc. XYlink HQEE is also recommended used in high performance thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer, heat-resistant Spandex and millable polyurethane elastomer.

    20kg net weight in carton with polyethylene liner. (2kg vacuumed packages inside each 20kg carton.)

    XYlink HQEE is sensitive to moisture and sunlight (UV), so keep it storing in airtight container and in a dry ventilated place and keep away from light. Put desiccant inside the package. Make sure the remanent products well sealed after using.
    The shelf time is 2 years. If stored over shelf life, it can still be used when the main application properties be qualified by inspecting.