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    Alkyl aromatic diamines

    Alkyl aromatic diamines


    Chemical Name:4,4’-Methylene-bis(3-chloro-2,6-diethylaniline)

    Molecular Formula: C21H28Cl2N2

    Molecular Weight: 379.37

    CAS No.:106246-33-7



    Property Value
    Appearance Off-white to light grey granule
    Purity (by HPLC), % ≥ 98
    Melting point, ℃ ≥ 87
    Water content, % ≤ 0.15
    Amine equivalent weight 187~193
    Solid density (24℃), g/cm 1.21~1.23
    Density (100℃, melt liquid), g/cm3 1.07~1.09
    Solubility Soluble in most organic solvents, insoluble in water

    XYlink M-CDEA is an aromatic chain extender. It has good compatibility with TDI-based prepolymer. The reaction of M-CDEA and prepolymer is faster than that of MOCA. XYlink M-CDEA is recommended mainly used for high-performance casting polyurethane elastomers, and can also be used in RIM PUs, microcellular polyurethane elastomers, and spray polyurethane-ureas, etc.
    Polyurethane elastomers based on this product have excellent physical properties such as hardness, tear resistance, heat resistance and dynamic mechanical properties (including dynamic heat-generation) than those based on MOCA. The PU elastomers have good cost effective when it mixed with chain extender MOCA and XYlink 740M. XYlink M-CDEA could also be applied as curing agent for epoxy resin and used to produce polyimides. XYlink M-CDEA has lower toxicity with Ames test negative and LD50 (rats) >5000mg/kg.

    2kg, 20 kg or 40kg net weight, packed inside with PP bag and outside with fiber drum or carton.

    This product should be stored in a well-ventilated and dry place. Keep it away from sunlight.
    The quality guarantee period is 2 years. Even though the product exceeds the expiration date, it could also be used if it is qualified by testing.